Why choose Airline Management Course

Airlines is one industry that is not going out of business any time soon, and if you have made up your mind to build your career here, you are definitely on the right path. India is set to become the third largest in the global aviation market by 2020 and more airlines will come to the country looking for business. This means more job opportunities, higher demand for professionals and better salary prospects.

But in order to land a job in the aviation industry, you must hold an undergraduate degree. And for procuring a valid degree, you must sign up with the top institute around providing the best airline and travel management training Gurgaon. Doyens Fly tops the list here for obvious reasons and here are the top 5 of them on what makes this institute so perfectly suited for pursuing an airline management course:

  1. Government approved institute with courses promoted by the government

Most airlines will not even consider your application if your degree does not come from a government approved institute. Aviation is a sensitive industry that deals with the life and safety of a considerable number of passengers and no firm can risk this by appointing professionals trained by unauthorised institutes. If your degree is government approved, you will have no problem in securing a job.

Even the courses here are promoted by the government. Whether you decide to be a cabin crew or ground staff, every step you take with this institute is authorised and approved by the right authorities. Having such transparency in your degree helps and your recruiting company can trust your expertise.

  1. You learn everything there is to know about aviation

The courses are doctored here to give you a complete knowledge about the entire industry. Just because you signed up for the cabin crew management training Gurgaon, doesn’t mean you will not learn about aviation law or cargo management. Widening your knowledge field is an added advantage in this competitive field and makes you an asset to the firm you join.

Apart from your major in the undergraduate degree, you also get thorough training in developing your soft skills, public relations, quantitative aptitude, communication skills and so on. In other words, no matter what skills you possess before joining the institute, you will be groomed to fit the industry in the best possible way.

  1. Lucrative pay scale after graduation and assured career growth

The success of any degree lies in the amount of salary you receive after its completion. Aviation is still a rising industry and the market demand will not stop any time soon. Whatever pay scale is offered currently now, is bound to increase exponentially with time and depending on your skill-set and experience, the amount may keep rising.

Currently, in India, the pay scale reaches a figure of INR 36,000 per month for a fresher and it may increase depending on the post you join. Plus, you may also want to pursue higher education after graduation which opens up even more opportunities. So, the prospect of career growth is endless in the aviation industry.

  1. The degree helps you to fit into any job role

As the course includes a wide variety of subjects taught by highly trained professionals, you can seamlessly fit into any job role. You have the option to learn about financial accounting, front office operations, marketing management, aircraft maintenance, travel management and others. You can choose to work in the technical area or be a management staff.

You can be an airhost/airhostess, cabin crew, cargo manager, ground staff manager, logistics manager or even the airline head. With time, you may also rise up to the level where you will be the in charge of the whole airport operations. One degree can help you to fit anywhere.

  1. Easy eligibility and affordable tariff

To join the airline management course, there is really no prerequisite that you will have to take these subjects at your school level. If you want to pursue one of the travel and tourism courses or the cabin crew courses, you can have any academic background. All that is required for you is to clear your board exams with minimum passing marks and you are eligible to set foot in the aviation industry.

Even the degree course fees are not that high. It’s relatively cheaper than other in-demand industries and the return after your degree is that much high. Placement is immediate after graduation and your career is set right after you pass. Many other low-tariff degrees fail to offer this certainty.

So, choose the right institute and take your step in the aviation industry. Over one lakh job opportunities are waiting for you every year and the number is estimated to grow even more. Become an airlines manager with an authorised degree and never look back on your career. Good luck!