Indian Aviation Industry is one of the fastest emerging sectors in the country. Since past few years, the industry has witnessed a rapid and constant growth. According to the IBEF, the Indian aviation industry bagged the third position in the world for the most abundant domestic civil aviation. The industry is projected to secure number one position by the year 2020, across the globe and become the largest aviation industry. However, there are certain aspects which not everyone is aware of. This highly influential industry has specific facts associated that might come as a surprise to few and prove why it is the most robust industry of the Indian economy. Let’s go through the essential things that everyone must know about Aviation industry:

  1. The industry is full of complexities: Though the aviation industry is growing at a rapid pace, however, it is essential to note that it is a blend of complications and hard work. There is a range of airlines that operate wherein, IndiGo Airlines have showcased a significant upsurge in profit and Spice Jet being right behind them, in terms of The reason behind such complexities within the aviation is the highly expensive jet fuel.
  2. Extensive Job Opportunities: The students pursuing aviation courses or looking forward to a successful career in the sector enjoy the benefits of tremendous job opportunities. Staffing for the financial year 2017 accounted for 1, 97,309 which is further is estimated to outspread by 4, 32,021 in the year 2027. The aspirants pursuing cabin crew management courses will be on the added advantage as the positions will double in future. Apart from cabin crew, the jobs that will experience relative progress will be in operations management, air traffic control, warehousing, commercial, retail, engineers, etc.
  3. Increasing Air Traffic: India experienced a substantial hike in the number of airline passengers in the recent times. The passengers were witnessed preferring flights over trains for travelling across cities. The financial year 2017 counted for 264.97 million of air traffic which in turn, led to a remarkable hike of 18.50 percent in the passengers from a year ago. Adding further to the figures, the recent record of the duration from April – February 2017-2018 was an increase of 15.80 percent [280.24 million in figures] from the previous quarter.
  4. The emergence of Air India: Taking a throwback to the time of the onset, TATA Airlines was the oldest Indian Airlines. Founded by J.R.D TATA- Father of Indian Aviation, in the year 1932, TATA Airlines became the first commercial airlines in the country. However, in the year 1946, the name was changed to Air India, which then, progressed by becoming the world’s first all-jet
  5. Total Airports in India: The country has 450 airports for passengers and including those for defences. The airports across the country are managed efficiently by the state-run Airports Authority of India [AAI]. There are over 125 airports in India, controlled by the AAI, where, 11 are international, and 77 are domestic airports. On the other hand, there are 9 airports for custom departments and 28 civilian enclaves situated at defence
  6. World’s First Solar Energy Airport: Much of the population is not aware of the fact that the world’s first airport powered by solar energy is situated in India. The airport is entirely functioning on the solar power and is located in Kochi.
  7. Major Investments: A massive investment of Rs. 15000 crores, will be showcased in the coming time [2018-19] by the AAI for the development of the existing terminals and build 15 more for Indian airports. Also, the AAI will ensure the developments for better management of increased traffic in the major cities like- Rajkot, Lucknow, Allahabad, etc.

The aviation sector is, indeed, the fastest growing sectors. However, there are further improvements that are majorly required to be identified in the military aviation sector, to get the desired results. The industry is in need of technological advancements and better funding, without laying an impact on the national security. It is still one of the most lucrative sectors in India and has excellent job prospects.

Students have become aware of the job prospects that the aviation industry has to offer. The students are actively getting enrolled for cabin crew courses to ensure a lucrative career in the sector.

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