Did you hear that the career prospects in the aviation industry are really good and the jobs you land are high paying? You have heard absolutely right. Aviation is indeed a booming industry in India and the demand for trained professionals is increasing by the day. This industry offers you one of the most secure and high paying jobs across all niches and landing one really solidifies your career. There’s challenge, there’s respect and above all, there’s good money.

The aviation industry offers a wide variety of job roles for a graduate and you can choose your major depending on what you want to be. Here is a list of the top 8 high paying jobs that are currently available in this field with a short description of its profile. Pick the one that interests you and pursue it diligently.

  1. Pilot/Co-pilot

Probably the most obvious job role that comes to mind when we talk about the aviation industry is that of a Pilot. The salary here is the highest and involves a lot of travelling. Becoming a pilot will require you to go through an intensive training process before you can actually make the cut. You can land a job not only for passenger airlines but all sorts flying jobs, like cargo transfer, military, and others.

  1. Test Pilot

Aviation firms hire pilots to test their aircraft after production and the job is as lucrative as a standard pilot. Pay scale is similar and requires passing the same amount of training. Since this job is less known among the common crowd, the demand is always high and openings are always available. Companies continue to develop new technologies and hire test pilots on a regular basis.

  1. Air Host/ Air Hostess

The next popular and in-demand job after a pilot is that of an airhostess. As soon as you join any institute for air hostess training Gurgaon or at any other place, your job is almost secure. Airlines search for new faces continuously and your career is dependent on your conduct. The more you sharpen your interpersonal skills, the better are your prospects.

  1. Air Traffic Controller

Another high paying job role is that of a air traffic controller. If you are looking for a challenging role, air traffic control room is your place. You will be responsible for the skies at all times and manage the timings of hundreds of flights at a single moment. There is no room for mistakes and only the best in the aviation industry make the cut.

  1. Aircraft Inspector

This is a technical field which will never go out of demand. Aircraft producing companies hire aircraft inspectors to check every plane for faults. Commercial airlines also have a similar need every time a flight lands. The job requires high levels of expertise and the pay is accordingly high. The inspector is responsible for maintenance and repairs as well apart from inspection.

  1. Airport Administrator

This is a management role where your responsibility involves overseeing the functioning of the whole airport. Pay is definitely high for the supervisor role. If you don’t like flying too much and are happy to sit behind a desk, this is the job for you. A lot of people will report to you and you will have to make a lot of managerial decisions.

  1. Ground Staff Manager

If you see yourself as a ground staff manager in your future, the place to start is to select the best cabin crew training institute Gurgaon. You will have to rise to this managerial level through experience and you may have to start as a cabin crew initially and then shift to ground staff. Again, you will be responsible for all that is happening on the ground and a lot of people will report to you.

  1. Flight Instructor

You get this role if you pursue higher education in airlines management. The job responsibility includes training young professionals and honing their skill-set. You will be required to have a pilot’s license yourself to teach future pilots and the position is definitely respectable.

To summarise

Irrespective of what you intend to become among these, the pay scale is nearly similar. And whatever amount you pay initially to procure your degree comes back to you within a matter of months. For instance, if you become an air hostess, the air hostess admission fees to any top institute is nothing compared to the salary you will obtain later. The same is applicable for a pilot, air traffic controller or any other job profile mentioned in this list.

There are other areas as well where you can join and obtain a high salary, but the above are the top picks. If you have your degree from government approved institutes like Doyens Fly, your placement is guaranteed. The course covers all aspects of the aviation industry and gives you an edge in every field that you will apply. Make the right choice and let your career fly in aviation.