The Indian travel and tourism industry is one of the most influential sectors contributing 9.65 to India’s GSP. It is one of the most lucrative industries, with a number of aspirants looking forward to starting their careers in. The travel and tourism industry provides employment to 25.4 million job seekers every year. By the year 2025, it is aiming to create 45 million job opportunities for the aspirants. However, there is extensive competition in the sector. Those with a pleasing personality and excellent communication skills are considered to be the strongest contenders, compared to those struggling with this essential skill set. Nevertheless, the travel and tourism industry is a gateway to endless opportunities. Let’s take a look at a few such job profiles:

  • Aviation: The travel and tourism management students highly prefer aviation sector to commence their career in. The sector is exciting and rapidly growing. Graduates are extended with the employment offers from different segments like – Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Booking and Reservation Department, Ground Staff for Airlines, and so on.
  • Tour Manager: The job profile of a tour manager is a treat to those who are wanderers. The key responsibility of the tour manager is concerned with accompanying the groups to travel in both national as well as international locations. Their prime motive lies in ensuring the arrangements being effectively done for the tour and sometimes, they may be addressed as tour guides by the delegates. However, to start in such a profile, an appropriate understanding of the area/country is required followed by proficiency in the language.
  • Travel Agencies: Gone are the days where planning and making the necessary arrangements became a nightmare for the travelers. Nowadays, the travel agencies provide adequate assistance in getting a tour arranged with required A travel and tourism management graduate is hired for profiles in the key departments like Sales and Marketing, Foreign Exchange, Itinerary planning, etc. wherein, they work in order to provide the best services to their customers.
  • Hotels: There are extensive job opportunities for the graduates in Hotel Industry. The profiles like front office executive, marketing management, food and beverages, public relations, etc. are preferred by students and job seekers. The hospitality sector has a huge demand, however, it is important for students to have the essential skills if they are looking forward to a career in the sector.
  • Banks: Aspirants haven’t become aware of the fact that banks also hire the travel and tourism management graduates for full-time positions. Banks, in recent times, have become an essential aspect of the tourism industry. They offer substantial employment opportunities to tourism graduates in the area of foreign exchange. The graduates are responsible for handling the international customer queries and assist them further with the concerns related to currencies.

The aspirants pursuing travel and tourism management courses are on an added advantage, as the industry offers lucrative career options. The scope of the sector is tremendous for students. According to Statista, the contribution of the sector to the Indian GDP is expected to reach 424.5 billion US Dollars by the year 2027.  Having the requisite knowledge and skills is the ultimate doorway to a successful career in the industry. Aspirants also enjoy wonderful perks while working on their desired profiles in the sector.

The travel and tourism industry has been the choice for the students for years, but, due to a lack of awareness about the job profiles and career prospects, the number of students enrolling in the courses had been less. However, the scenario has changed with the increasing awareness about the profiles, as well as the lucrative salaries being offered in the industry. There are a number of courses being offered by the institutions in the respective area due to the increasing demand. Those seeking travel and tourism courses are considering metro cities for education. The quality of education in metro cities is exceptional as compared to those in non-metros. Also, with the presence of multinationals, the exposure to learning is at the professional level.

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