Career in Airline Management: Your Ultimate Guide

A career in the airlines or the aviation industry is more than just about being a pilot. While it is one of the highest paying jobs out there, you can still work in airlines for a decent salary without having to steer a plane. There are multiple opportunities if your interest lies here and the best airline and travel management training Gurgaon will open the floodgates of innumerable job opportunities in the field. All you have to do is choose the best field suited for you and start your career in the aviation industry.

This post will serve as your guide that will give you an overview of the world out there. You will gain an insight into what all you need to learn during your course, how much salary can you draw and where can you work. By the end of it, you will be ready to make an informed decision. Let’s begin with the most enticing topic of all.

Salary Prospects

The salary of a pilot in India goes up to the range of almost Rs 18 lakhs per annum. But, if you decide not to become one, you can still draw Rs 12 lakhs per annum by rising to a managerial level. You can begin your career as an Airport Manager or Assistant Manager and rise in the ranks with frequent promotions. As a fresher, your package can start at Rs 3-5 lakhs per annum, irrespective of the field you choose to work in.

However, if you want to be an on-board member like air hostess or cabin crew, the starting figures do go up to Rs 6 lakhs per annum. In short, the aviation industry offers more than any other currently present right after your graduation and if you can show the necessary skills, you will be paid the right amount. This brings us to the next point.

Skill-set you must develop

During your course, you will learn about everything that you must know about the industry. Topics like aviation technology and its history, threat analysis, FAA standards, and likewise are mandatory. You must be well versed with your subject but along with this, you should also possess soft skills like:

  • A very good communication and interpersonal skill
  • Leadership and prompt decision making
  • Capable to handle a crisis situation and make crucial choices
  • Able to manage a lot of people
  • Customer services

Knowing one foreign language also helps but is not a necessity. If you can show that you have the necessary managerial skills and are good with communication, landing a job will not be that difficult. With salary and skills discussed, it’s now time to discuss who all hires an airline graduate.

Where to apply

Any company or business that is directly or remotely associated with the airline industry will hire an airline graduate. You can look for jobs in:

  • Any airline manufacturing company
  • Passenger or Cargo delivery firms
  • Airports
  • Private enterprises

For instance, after your cabin crew management training Gurgaon, you can easily join as a manager either in any public-sector airport or choose to work for any private firm. Both AI and Indigo hire such managers based on their requirement. Similarly, aircraft manufactures also require front-end executives or managers to run their company and salary prospects are generally higher than the traditional jobs.

Posts available

With an airline management degree, you can apply for the posts of:

  • Airport Manager
  • Cargo Department Manager
  • Safety and Security Manager
  • Airport Strategy Executive
  • Staff Management Head
  • Front-end Office Executive
  • Ground Staff Manager
  • Airfare and Ticketing Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aircraft Management Manager

Each has their own specific job role and come with there own set of responsibilities. Among the profiles in the above list, the role of an air traffic controller is the most challenging and is obviously the highest paid. Airport manager comes next in line followed by the others. You may have to undergo specific training at the initial phases of the job after which you can directly get a management role.

Foreign Job Opportunities

The main advantage of working in the aviation industry is that the prospects are not limited to any specific country. You can either apply to any national airlines or opt for foreign companies like Virgin Airlines or Lufthansa. The economic difference will get you a higher salary for the same post, but the responsibility is also scaled up.

Plus, many airlines have their own travel agencies as well. So, if you are enrolled in any travel and tourism courses, you can join the aviation industry as well. Firms keep on looking for fresh talents and you can grab the opportunity

Get Started

Your career can fly high only if your degree comes from the best institute. Doyens Fly School of Aviation is one such institute that can give you the right start. So, select your preferred field, build your skills and get a high flying career in the Aviation sector!