The Indian aviation industry is a sector of dreams with aspirants actively looking forward to establishing their career in due to the high rewards it offers as well as the glamorous life style. According to IBEF, the aviation industry in India is showcasing an impressive growth with a significant increase in the air traffic recorded to 22 percent in the year 2017. Also, the traffic rate of international passengers has increased by 7.72 percent. A career in Aviation Industry is considered as one of the most exciting and popular among the youth. However, securing a position within the sector requires efforts. It is imperative to make sure of the fact that the career in the Aviation industry is not merely limited to pilot and an air hostess. There are tremendous options available for the aspirants. Let’s take a look below:

  • Air Traffic Controller: This techie profile is a combination of complexity and challenges. The Air traffic controller ensures the safety of both the air craft as well as the passengers. No matter how much the technology may dominate the sector, but, the demand for such professionals is never ending.
  • Aviation meteorologists: The profile of Aviation Meteorologists often appears as a fresh career option for aspirants. This job profile is lesser known in comparison to the pilot, flight attendants, etc. These professionals monitor the weather conditions and convey the same to the flight dispatchers and pilots. The monitoring is executed by the keen analysis of wind speed, forecasted weather conditions, cloud cover, and so on.
  • Aircraft Interior Technician: Forget about the interior designing, even the aircraft require designers to get their interiors done. This exciting profile is for those who possess an interest in designing, however, creating a space within an aircraft is extremely different. The aircraft interior technician designs the interior of the aircraft wherein, they keep their focus on delivering the final outcome as per the aeronautical standards. The technicians must accommodate both the passengers and the vision in one space.
  • Crew Schedule Coordinator: This profile is for the aspirants who possess a strong level of leadership skills. The crew schedule coordinator is entirely responsible for scheduling and effectively managing the staff – both ground and aircrew. Their primary aim is to ensure that the passengers reach their destination on time without suffering from any unfortunate circumstances. Also, these coordinators make the necessary arrangements and change the scheduling when the flights are delayed.
  • Operations Agent: The operations agent is a fantastic profile which involves an extensive range of communication. The aspirants proficient in communication skills are exposed to the opportunities to excel in the said career. The fundamental responsibility of the operations agent is to communicate the information between the pilot, air crew and other working professionals within the aircraft. On the other hand, the operations agents are required to work under pressure situations when flights are overburdened.

The job opportunities mentioned above are a snapshot of those profiles that are less common among the aspirants. Also, there are several other job options that the graduates enjoy. The most phenomenal facet of the aviation industry is that it has plenty to offer and that the industry is not going to decline in the coming years. Rest, in terms of salary, even the initial packages to the hired candidates are impressive. The broadening of the mind set has certainly led to the increase in the number of students pursuing the courses.

The students are most fascinated by the charm of the aviation industry due to its commendable career options. However, it is essential for the aspirants to work hard on their personality development and embedment of required skills that in turn, facilitate a lucrative career. The institutions are laying an extensive focus on flight attendant training. Followed these advancements, the students are actively enrolling for the airport management training Gurgaon. The reason behind such rising enrolments in the city of Gurgaon is being the Delhi NCR, a prime choice for pursuing airline courses.

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Students, nowadays, have become smart enough to grab the best opportunities. However, it is equally essential for a student to analyse the opportunity in the long run and then step into the right career!