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Ground Handling

Ground Handling/Airport Management

  • Visa & Passport
  • Check in / Checkout Process
  • Boarding Process
  • Arrivals / Departures
  • Documentation, Weight and Balance
  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods and
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Carriage Policies
  • Baggage Maintenance Area
  • Ramp Service
  • Announcements

Different airlines have different criteria. Some would ask for graduates under 25 years of age and some would be more flexible as far as the age is concerned. But these are the criteria for being on the payroll of the airlines. The other jobs at the airport are where you would be working for 3 rd parties or outsourced services which involve lower pay and no association to the airline as far as your appointment is concerned. These parties are generally ground handling agents who are hired by airlines. Needless to mention, you are not appointed by the airlines and are not working for them.


Qualification:- 10+2 OR EQUIVALENT DEGREE