Hospitality Sector: Your Gateway to a Lucrative Career

Hospitality includes a wide variety of jobs under its umbrella and studies have shown that the industry is growing steadily at the rate of 4% per year. This means that by the year 2024, there will be around 350 million vacant positions to fill and combining India’s GDP growth to the equation makes things even more lucrative. The government has already stated that currently there is a dearth of 30,000 professionals in this sector and there is no better industry to join in other than hospitality management.

There’s a common misconception which goes around is that this sector only involves the hotel industry. Hospitality has evolved way beyond that and has similar lucrative offers for graduates coming after an air hostess training as well. At times, job prospects and salary are higher depending on the individual’s skills that go beyond whatever is on offer in a regular profession. There are other valid reasons as well that make hospitality this much enticing and all of them points in the same direction – the sector unlikely to run out of jobs.

You do not need an impressive marksheet to reach the top

This works as a limitation to a lot of young professionals out there. For hospitality, you need to have good interpersonal or communication skills and a certain level of empathy towards people. Your marks in mathematics will hardly matter when you are dealing with customer service. The skill set you possess will define your growth and pay scale and you can even reach the position of general manager.

And if you feel that your communication is not good enough, most companies recruit hospitality graduates at the management trainee level. Here, you are exposed to the necessary skills that you must develop and you can definitely pick them up with time. In short, almost anyone with any level of skill can join this industry and tap into the opportunities on offer. You hardly have this option in any other career path.

You can switch your job easily

Many professionals like to switch jobs during the earlier stages of their career. This allows you to find the perfect fit and decide which profile is suited for you. While a job switch as a lawyer or an engineer requires a fresh start, the case is not so in the hospitality sector. You need a similar set of skills for nearly all the jobs on offer and if you wish to change your industry, you do not have to start at the bottom. Horizontal shift is perfectly possible where your pay grade remains intact.

For instance, if you have completed your air hostess course, you can choose not to join any aviation company at all. You can easily land a job as a front desk manager in any of the top hotels or become a part of any of the hospital chain. Your skills of communication and customer handling matter here, not what your degree says.

You get to combine your profession and passion

Which very few industries allow. In the hospitality sector, you can get paid to travel or managing food. Pilots and cabin crew travel all the time while restaurant managers are required to have a considerable knowledge of the food they are serving. Doing what you like as a job makes the whole experience tolerable and you remain better off than most other professionals. Your job won’t be a burden to you and your quality of life will be better as well.

To put it into perspective, the hospitality sector shows the minimum amount drop out rate. In other words, professionals hardly go for a full industry change as the work profile is less stressful than others. Again, the passion part works as a motivation in itself and people do stick around for their entire career cycle.

Or, you can choose other career paths

You can become a marketing executive, a sales executive, a PR professional or a technical head and still enjoy the benefits that the hospitality industry has to offer. Any company in this sector requires all and you can easily land a job with your qualification. With the right institute, you can travel as a sales executive or deal in food as a marketing expert.

The diversity that the sector has on offer is endless and it is one of the main reasons why it remains this much lucrative for graduates. Your degree does not limit you to a specific work profile and you do not remain behind as compared to any other. In fact, the growth is healthy in hospitality and the chances of your career reaching the heights you want are indeed bright.

So, take the first step right

If aviation is your calling, then join air hostess training Gurgaon only from top institutes like Doyens Fly. Similarly, look for the top institutes for other sectors as well and learn from the very best. You need the right exposure and the right set of skills and only then can you keep on looking forward. Good luck!