Top 4 Jobs you can Bag Right After your Hospitality Degree (1)

While most graduates are concerned that almost all industries are drying up when it comes to jobs, there’s one sector that is still booming and will continue to do so in the years to come. As our country’s economy improves, people are starting to invest more in tourism which in turn is boosting the hospitality industry. There are more hotels than ever, flights are overbooked and the current technology is helping the cause. The demand for professionals is at an all-time high and you can easily secure your dream job right after you pass out.

Here is a list of the top 4 jobs you can bag as a fresher right after completing your hospitality degree. You can start your climb from these roles and work your way through to the top. And the best part of these profiles is that they are both emotionally and financially satisfying and earning big does not involve slogging from your side. If you have built the necessary skills, start applying for these now.

  1. Event Manager

This is probably the most widely available post now. You can be a part of small startups, grab a job in a top firm or start your own independent venture. Be it a corporate event like launching a product or announcing an idea, or any personal event like marriages or birthday parties, the demand for event managers are shooting up. A hospitality degree from the right institute will give you the best possible start and you can earn without limits in the right job.

You will be responsible for planning and managing an entire event. With frequent promotions, the role will increasingly become managerial and you will have to handle a team. This profile is not restricted to any particular sector as almost all industries have the requirement for an event planner now.

  1. Flight attendant or cabin crew

The aviation industry is the most common choice right after you complete your air hostess training. Not that you cannot land any other job in the hospitality sector with your degree but being a cabin crew is probably one of the most satisfying jobs existent. Your pay scale is much higher as compared to any other profiles, it involves extensive travelling and no desks, and your hospitality skills are the only ones you will ever need to rise up the corporate hierarchy. In short, the perfect job right after your graduation.

The salary of an air hostess is higher than a cabin crew. The main responsibility of both is to attend to the need of passengers during the flight and guide them through emergencies if the need arises. You can work with both domestic and international airlines and the only thing that changes are the type of passengers you have to deal with.

  1. Travel Assistant or Manager

Again, an obvious choice to start your career after completing any of the travel and tourism courses Gurgaon. While travel assistant will be the most available post on offer, but you can also land managerial posts if you can show a top institute like Doyens Fly. The latter will come with a better package, more responsibilities and less to frequent travelling.

Your task will involve direct interaction with the customers. You will have to prepare itineraries, take care of travel and staying bookings, notify customers about the date and time and so on. There will be times when people will contact you just to inquire about travel arrangements about the place they want to visit. So, part of your job profile will also include gaining knowledge about various places.

  1. Hotel Frontend Staff

From where you can rise to the level of a hotel manager. The top job will require experience and being a front-end staff is the right start. You can either apply for a hotel clerk or something like a bellhop. You can also secure trainee or assistant positions if your degree is from an accredited institute. Salaries start at a decent amount of mid-six-figures and shoot up to almost 3 times when you become a manager.

Typical responsibilities will include attending to the hotel’s guests, taking care of the reservations, informing customers about the hotel’s facilities and much more. You may sit at the reception, take care of the restaurant section or any other special facility the hotel may have. One degree is the ticket for any job profile and the hotel industry is the perfect one for fast growth.

And every job you get is interchangeable. The basic skill requirement is the same for all which facilitates an easy vertical switch. The right air hostess course gives you the hospitality talents to work as a restaurant manager or you can cross your boundaries to become an executive casino host. No matter which field you choose, growth is almost guaranteed and reaching the top is easier given the number of options you will have. So, select the best hospitality institute and get started now.