Top skills to get a job in Aviation Industry

The aviation industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in India. The sector is estimated to see an investment of US $25 billion in the next decade, with a traffic growth of 13%, according to Morgan Stanley.

India is currently considered the third largest domestic civil aviation market in the world. Over the next decade, India is expected to become the world’s largest domestic civil aviation market.

The Civil Aviation industry has seen rapid expansion due to the emergence of a number of low-cost carriers, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in domestic airlines, modern airports, advanced information technology (IT) interventions, as well as the increasing emphasis on regional connectivity.

It has become one of the dream sectors which aspirants want to establish

their career in. With the significant increase in opportunities in the airline industry, a demand for trained workforce has emerged in diverse areas like – cabin crew, pilot, navigators, catering managers, financial experts, and so on. However, to start a career in the sector, a simple degree is not enough to grab your dream role. Students need to have the relevant skills and training which can help them in starting a rewarding career in the sector. Below-mentioned are the skills that are considered as a must-have if you are looking for a career in the aviation industry:

  • Personality: When it comes to working for the airline industry, a charming

    personality can take you a long way. The job profile requires professionals to engage in continuous conversations with the passengers or customers. A pleasing personality is very important for those working in the aviation industry.

  • Critical Thinking: The aviation industry requires aspirants to have critical

    thinking abilities. A candidate must possess strong thinking and problem-solving skills, in order to resolve the issues that can arise in emergencies or during maintenance of the aircraft. They need to be extremely quick in solving problems while ensuring feasible solutions is essential in candidates.

  • Team Worker: Recruiters actively seek candidates which have team skills and

    can work in accord with other team members. The aviation industry involves extensive operations; wherein, the employees work together to provide excellent customer service and experience. Being a team-player is one of the key skills needed in the aviation sector.

  • Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills are a must for those

    looking towards a career in the sector. It is an important aspect of the job which is needed to handle complex situations. Whatever role you take on, whether it’s an air traffic controller, whose key job is communicating with pilots, or you take a job in human resources, or marketing the ability to articulate and convey ideas clearly is essential. Students need good written communication skills as well, as they may need to write business emails, memos, create presentations, etc.

  • Travel-Friendly: The recruiters emphasize a candidate’s

    willingness to travel, during the interview. Those comfortable with travelling are given preferences, compared to those who don’t like to travel. The sector requires aspirants to travel to both national and international locations.

  • Technical Skills: An understanding of technical skills is important and can

    help you progress quickly. Aviation managers must be proficient in working in different segments like – resource management, transportation, etc.

  • Readiness to work hard: Aviation is a fast paced industry and requires

    people to work hard and be quick on their feet. Aspirants in the sector need to be organised, efficient and willing to take initiative if they want to succeed.

The airline industry, for decades, has been a dream industry for a number of aspirants. The students work hard to get a seat in top air hostess academy to learn and explore the essentials of the airline industry. A number of renowned institutes are working hard to train students to meet the requirements in the sector.

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The aviation industry is attracting a massive number of job seekers. A student, looking forward to commencing their career in the airline sector is expected to start working on skills from Day one. The execution of skills could efficiently be practiced while pursuing the course by applying them to various events and opportunities provided throughout the academic year.

A job in the aviation sector can be both hard and exciting. Undergoing a course from a renowned institute like Doyens Fly, School of Aviation can help you in getting the right skills and get an assured kick-start to a career in the aviation sector!