Travel and Tourism

 Travel and Tourism is one of the largest employment generating sectors that is providing a direct opportunity for people to earn their livelihood. It includes airlines, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, immigration and customs services, government tourism departments, and other associated services like airline catering, tourism promotion, interpreters, laundry services, and so on are linked to this.

There is a huge scope of employment in this sector and there are many opportunities in private and public sectors up for grab. The opportunities in the public sector consist of Tourist Guides, Directorates and Department of Tourism, Information Assistants, and much more. On the other hand, the opportunities of the private sector include airlines, cargo companies, tour operators, and so on. India is a country with rich heritage and culture along with geographical diversity. Travel and tourism sector is growing in the country at a very fast rate and in the coming years, it will continue to prosper.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), our country will add another Rs. 8,50,000 crores by the end of the year 2020 via tourism. This sector is supporting around 8.7% of jobs presently. It is a service-based industry, which relies mainly on human resource. Therefore, there are many specialized educational travel and tourism courses going on to get the candidates ready for the tourism sector. These courses will help the candidates in improving their communication skills, as well as language proficiency.

Career options in Travel and Tourism

  • Tourism Manager
  • Holiday/Travel Agent
  • Airlines Staff
  • Travel Officer or
  • Travel Counselor or Travel Consultant
  • Transport Officer
  • Tourist Guide
  • Travel Agency Coordinator

The other associated careers are as follows:

  • Airlines (Ground & In-Flight Staff, HR, Sales & Marketing, IT)
  • Hotels & Resorts (Front-Office, Operations, IT, Sales and Marketing, Food& Beverage, Accounting, Public Relations, HR)

 Some career options are explained in details below:

Leisure Activity coordinator

This one generally works for hotel and resort chains. They are the one who makes sure that everything on the ground goes as per the plan only and do everything to run all the activities smoothly. They are responsible for day to day management, organizing fitness programs, and interacting with the hotel guests.


This sector is definitely going to pay high salaries and is the attractive one. The flight attendant training Gurgaon can help you in getting ready for such kind of jobs. You must be willing to make use of an established training ground like this to be able to get selected and excel in your dream job.

Tour Guide

They work in the travel and tourism industry only as they provide guided tours to tourists. They must have the knowledge of specific locations & places which must include historical, naturally appealing attractions and so on. They should also know all the tourist places in a specific area with historical backgrounds and traditions. It needs excellent skills in communication. If one has knowledge of more than one language or knows any foreign language, then he will definitely get an edge as more diversified tourists can be entertained.

Hotel Manager

A hotel manager is an important job in every hotel as he/she helps in running all the operations of the hotel smoothly. One needs to have excellent interpersonal skill to get into this job.

Event and Conference Organizer

It helps in planning the event with finer details and the candidate need to pay attention to each and every minor detail to run the event smoothly without any hazards.

Perks and Payment

In the travel and tourism industry, the salary is pretty good and in addition to the salary, you get perks too.

Reasons to choose the career in Travel and Tourism

As per the experts in Doyens Fly in Gurgaon, the travel and tourism industry is highly rewarding and very profitable. This industry offers a future of sustainable flexibility. There are many career options and needless to mention that it is a high paying sector.

Multiple career choices

There are a number of career options in this sector and one can choose his/her career as per their choice and interests. There are endless opportunities in the travel and tourism industry. There is great job diversity in this and one can choose as per their interest/skill set.

Get started easily

Once you start your job in the tourism sector and you are driven by enthusiasm, then this sector provides you with the perfect opportunity and the sky is the limit.

Skills required for Travel and tourism industry

 The candidates should have a combination of skills to get success in their career in the travel and tourism sector. These are as follows:

  • leadership
  • problem-solving
  • team working
  • ability to research
  • communication skills, with a strong focus on customer
  • IT skills
  • ability to work within deadlines.
  • presentation skills


Air hostess training institute plays a major role in brushing up all these skills and prepare the candidates to get entry into this sector. It can help you groom yourself into becoming a perfect support staff for the tourists/travelers/guests and can help you gain the confidence and acquire necessary skill sets to bag the job of your preference & be successful at the highest levels. Doyens School of Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality is one such school which has the experienced & dedicated staff and infra to help you shape your dream into reality.